Chit, Chat and Knit....

This wonderful craft has been dormant far too long.  My aim is to bring it back to life and introduce it to as many children as possible.  I've come across so many mothers saying that they hadn't been taught and it seems that, for some, knitting has unfortunately skipped a generation. 
The children I teach have such enthusiasm and love contrasting colours and talking about textures. At the same time it's therapeutic, calming, helps with motor skills and without realising, they are having to calculate how many stitches may be needed to cast on. Working out the increase and decrease is an added bonus for improving their maths!   
The clubs I run not only inspire the children but give them scope to think of new ideas.  Moreover they are experiencing a great social time together.
Alternatively a one to one lesson has it's advantages especially for the younger ones.  It is gratifying to see them not only enthusiastic but also very committed. 
Let's get those little fingers knitting!


​iPhone Case knitted by Lara, age 9, who has used her own brilliant choice of colours​​.​