2013 NEWS

December 2013


These girls are truly super star knitters.  Dora age 9 and Lara age 10 have knitted these wonderful Christmas toys. 


Merry Christmas!

Welcome to my new pupils Orlando, Megan, Emily, Abi, Jasmine and Esme - great knits in such a short time!

18 October 2013


With joy and love Dora has knitted this absolutely beautiful retro cushion.  Well done!  Age 9

19 September 2013


Pearl has had a very busy summer knitting a little friend and a gorgeous chunky scarf to keep her warm.  Age 10.

20 September 2013


Lara's retro cushion is amazing! Her patience and dedication has shown what a fabulous knitter she is.  Age 9.

15 September 2013


Glad to see my youngest students Ruby, Alice and Thea all aged 6 back for some more fun creative knitting.

10 and 11 September 2013


A big welcome to all my new students in particluar to James who seems to be a natural at knitting!  Age 8.

June and July 2013


Welcome to Martha who started one to one knitting lessons just before the end of the summer term and who has achieved so much in such a short time.  I look forward to filtering her enthusiasm into some great projects lined up for next term.  Age 9.

27 July 2013


Yes the boys are back after their stint of ballet lessons!  Sasha and Pip have decided to pick up their needles again and knit - I am so pleased to have them both back and I look forward to all the brilliant ideas they have for their next knitting project. 

July 2013


Get well knitted flowers to Mellissa in her favourite colour.  Glad to hear the operation went really well.  Warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

 15 June 2013


A very Happy 7th Birthday to Mathilda. Well done to her and her friends who knitted brilliant keyrings, created beautiful roses and fabulous friendship bracelets!  This knitted doll is named after you and a present for you to take home.