2018 NEWS

December 2018 Sewing Club has been a great success.  

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September 2018
Hello again and nice to see new faces along with my loyal knitters.  Looking forward to  seeing some exciting knits.  A big hello to my sewers in Sewing Club.

June 2018

Another brilliant term of knitting and crafts.  Look forward to next term.

St. George and 

The Dragon

April 2018

Welcome back to all my regular knitters and can't wait to see the continued high standard of knitting and creations you all continue to achieve. I'm amazed and so pleased that so many new pupils have joined knitting.  I look forward to seeing your wonderful knits.

March 2018

Happy Easter

Have a lovely Easter and look forward to some more fabulous KNiTS.

March 2018

Mother's Day  - some sweet messages

February 2018

Half term workshops have been a great success.  Busy knitters have produced brilliant creations!

January 2018

Glad to see so many of my regular knitters back and welcome to my new ones.