2017 NEWS

December 2017

Christmas around the corner and we've had a variety of knits going on:  the knitting machine has been a hit and scarves, snoodes, socks and even a doughnut has been knitted!

September 2017

The knitting is more popular than ever.  


The Create & Craft has really taken off and its great to see all the children having fun with their projects.  Look forward to help create more fun projects.

July 2017

Good bye to all my year 6s especially to Beth, Tara, Larissa, Hana, Suzy, Yewon, Jadyn, Sofia, Anniqua and Alana who have been with me for so many years.  I wish you all well and hope you continue to enjoy and be more and more adventurous  to try new knitting challenges as you have done with me.

March 2017 - Secret Boxes with secret presents.

June 2017

We've had a great term of knitting.  The Year 1s have surpassed themselves.  Such talented children.  Well done to all of them.  Look forward to the new term with lots of interesting knitting.  

February 2017 - Hope you all had fun at my workshop some very imaginative creations  well done!

Here's to another year of great knitting and welcome to more new knitters!