2016 NEWS

GREAT-KNiTS starter kit.  Purchase this great kit with good quality knitting needles, variety of bright wool, knitting instructions from casting on to casting off, a fun little knitted pretty flower girl.   Email greatknits.yam@gmail.com


December 2016

We've had a really busy term with fabulous knits.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

September 2016

Welcome back to my regular knitters and to my new knitters.  In no time at all you've all got down to great little projects.  Look for them in Little Fingers 2016.  Arthur age 7 said on his second lesson: "This is the best day of my life - I love knitting!"

March 2016





July 2016


Brilliant knitting by everyone - absolutely amazing!  Have a lovely summer and hope to see most of you in September.  Good luck to all that are going on to Senior School.  


Will miss you all after having spent three years of knitting with me.



January 2016

A big welcome to my new little knitters age 5 and 6:

Alice, Anya, Millie, Ella, Rose, Natasha and Scarlett and glad to see Melissa and Amirta continuing from last term.  I can see you are already accomplished knitters - well done!

This message is for Ceci who knitted me this wonderful bag. A very talented little girl age 7 and loves her knitting.  Thank you so so much.!