2015 NEWS


GREAT-KNiTS starter kit.  Purchase this great kit with good quality knitting needles, variety of bright wool, knitting instructions from casting on to casting off, a fun little knitted pretty flower girl.   Email greatknits.yam@gmail.com

Pretty Flower Girls

Christmas 2015

A big thank you to my knitters at HT!  I really appreciate your knitted present of me and your individual signed  card.  I really love it!  Have a brilliant Christmas.

























January 2015

Happy New Year to everyone but especially to my youngest new knitters ages 5 and 6 - Sophie, Ceci, Esther, Reina, Rohan, Inaaya, Florence and Scarlett.  Only two lessons and you already have got to grips - well done!  I look forward to showing off your creations.


And here are some already:


Well done to my youngest



March 2015

Happy Easter to everyone.  We've had many different creations and lots of fun.  Well done!

July 2015

Goodbye to some of my dedicated knitters who are moving on to Senior School - Isabella, Reena, and Leanne.  Will miss you all very much but you have your GREAT KNiTS to remember our good times!

September 2015

Welcome to all my comitted knitters and to my new knitters in particular: Ceci, Esther, Dior, Daisy, Reina, Mia, Sophie, Eden, Alice, Posy, Melissa, Ella, Shopie, Yeuan, Portia and Suzy.  


Look forward to lots of new ideas to knit and a rainbow of colours.

November 2015

Girls are underway with their Christmas projects - baubles galore!