2014 NEWS

September 2014


A big welcome to my experienced and new knitters.  Some challenging knits await this new term.  Dora and Lara added final touches to their animals and now are ready for some more intricate knitting which includes cable and rib work.  Hana has started knitting a monkey for her monkey of a brother while Lucy has decided to knit a crazy multicolour cat which is now turning into a brilliant wrap for her doll!  My new knitters have embraced the needles with enthusiasm and are already doing so well.

July 2014


Good luck to Pearl, Izzy and Ava who leave to go to senior school - I'm glad you were so committed to knitting and hope you carry on.  Also good luck to Shanthi who starts her new school in September. Will miss you:(

December 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Enjoy your stockings and see you all next term!. 



Colourful knitted flannels and dishcloths

May 2014

June 2014

Mammy and her Momos

No more drafty doors with these snazzy draught stoppers

April 2014


Hana has been busy at home crocheting her own hat - the crochet flowers are a special little touch of hers - well done you clever girl!




March 2014


Lara age 10 and Dora age 9 have completed their pear doorstops.  Their tension, smooth purling and attention to the detailed pattern for shaping has paid off. Adding a face has given their pears their own personality - great idea!  Well done girls. Watch this space for their next project....

Despite not being able to attend regularly because of school play commitments Florence age 8 has created this beautiful doll.  Well done Fleur!

January 2014


A big welcome to my new knitters Emma, Abigale, Hana, Lucy, Eliza, Keela, Tilly, Isabella, Mary, Robin and Kialah.


Pearl and Leanne have decided to knit the all famous retro cushion!


Lara and Dora are ready for a new challenge - knitting pear doorstops.


Ruby, Alice and Thea only 6 and 7 years old are knitting multicoloured hairbands - glad to see they haven't forgotten how to knit!